Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello wonderful readers!

Tonight I am going to show you what my routine is before going to sleep usually. Today I decided to do my ritual a bit earlier so I could write and post this online today! :)

I usually take a bath, but depending on how I feel and wanting to save some water, I also shower. It varies from day to day and if i'm busy or have time!

My Products for Showering/Bathing:

Aveda Conditioner - Dry Remedy
Aveda Shampoo - Dry Remedy
This is the best shampoo and conditioner that I have ever had! No split ends ever and because my hair is quite dry it really makes it smoothe :)

Loofah - I Love... (exclusive by Douglas)
I love the pink color and when putting soap on it it's so nice and smoothe to apply onto my skin and scrub-a-dub-dub to take away old skin and regenerate some new skin ;)

Body Wash - Mixa bébé
Someone special brought me this soap from France because I love baby soaps because they are so much better and have no chemicals in them and make your skin so soft! It smells so good and has this baby scent which I adore :)

Extremely important and essential for taking baths!

Bubble Bath - L'Occitane
This has a lemony scent to it and it's so refreshing :)

Oil - Vitaquell Coconut Oil
I add two little drops to my bath and it just makes my skin super silky!

The bubbles in my bathtub. I loveeee bubbles *.*

Oil - Nivea Soft Oil
I just apply this if I have any more areas of dry skin on my body because I HATE dry skin. I take this medicine called Ciscutan/Accutane for my skin against Acne and it works so well but it dries out my skin, so this is an essential for me!

Last but not least - PJs :)
I love this PJ top from Juicy Couture and this is my motto for when I've put on my pyjama and I'm in bed. It's so comfy and it makes me feel so cozy. I love cozy things :)

What's your night routine? Was ist eure Abendroutine?


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