Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hey girls!

Today we had beautiful weather in Graz, but sadly I wasn't able to go out and enjoy it because i'm sick :( ... but guess what I got to do instead? Prepare a blog post for all of you beautiful ladies :)

I'm going to present my favorites of my makeup collection to you in this post! Enjoy!

1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation No. 6

I use this everyday and it applies so smoothly! I would recommend this for anyone who wants to cover blemishes and girls who don't want to go completely nude ;) It's around 50 euros but it's truly worth it. I have a bit darker skin so I use the number 6 tint but they have a range of 18 different skin tones so i'm sure everyone will find the right one! I apply this with my fingers and sometimes a brush. If you use a brush make sure it's clean and fresh and otherwise wash your hands before applying it with your fingers.

2. Guerlain Compact Powder Météorites Compact No. 3 Teint Doré

This is what I apply on top of my Armani foundation, it works great! I don't use a very thick brush so that I don't apply too much. I like it because it makes my foundation look matte and not too shiny.

3. Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder

I do not use this everyday but once in a while when I have the time. Usually using a compact powder works great for me but this I will use if I want my makeup to stay for hours (when I go out, or spend the day somwhere).

4. XXI Floral Makeup Brushes

This brush was so cheap and it came in a set but I love it! It is so smooth and doesn't irritate my skin when I apply something with it. It's truly wonderful and I believe the set was only 3 dollars.

5. Bronze Eyeliner Prescriptives

This eyeliner is really nice if you don't want to use black kohl. It just gives a little color to your eye, I would definitely recommend this for during the day or school, that's when I usually wear it :)

6. Sephora Hot Pink Brush

This brush just looks cool in my makeup collection! I don't use it very often but it's such a fun color and I love having it in my bathroom. I love brushes and all different types but this one is a bit rough and irritates my skin. I bought this for 7 or 8 dollars at Sephora.

7. Maybelline Black Eyeliner Master Precise

This is my go-to and must-have product. I will not leave the house without my eyeliner. I love liquid eyeliner and I feel like i'm naked when I don't wear any. Even to school, I will add a line to the top of my eye or do a little cat-eye makeup. This was quite cheap only about 5 euros. I bought mine at BIPA.

8. Guerlain Terracotta Touch No. 02

This is nice just for during the day if I want to touch up somewhere. I don't have the best skin so I can just run to the bathroom during the school day and apply it quickly on my blemishes and it really covers up. I got this in a super light shade that is absolutely not my skin tone since it will cover up your redness really nicely. It's a godsend ;) I paid about 40 euros. It was definitely worth it!

9. Dior Blush No. 553 Pêche Peechy Keen

This blush is great because it doesn't make you look like a total doll but adds some subtle color to your face. I don't always use it (I tend to forget sometimes) but it's truly magnificent! It has two tones so you can either mix or pick one of the two which is nice for alternating once in a while. This cost me about 40 euros.

10. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill No. 6

I got this as a present from my sister and I use it all the time. It's a gold - green - black mixture and it's a bit moist so it's so nice for an eyeshadow. I prefer the moist eyeshadows more than the powdered ones because they last longer and you don't have to keep reapplying them again and again. I looked up the cost online and it came to 30 euros.

11. Bobbi Brown Essentials Eyeshadow Kit 2001

I love this eyeshadow kit and it has a mix of eyeshadows that you can mix or match or use alone. The one I use most is the light one (far left) and the purplish one right next to it. I apply one of those two and add my black liquid eyeliner over it. It gives it a nice touch but my giorgio armani (above) will never be replaced.

12. Guerlain Terraotta Bronzer No. 03 Brunettes

This bronzer is great for summer when my body gets super tanned. I don't like having my face directly in the sun all the time so I'll add some bronzer so that my face and my body have about the same color tone. It's really smooth and it doesn't make you look totally fake. Price: 50 euros. Not totally worth it since I only use it once in a while.

13. Guerlain Brush for Compact Powder

The Guerlain Brushes are wonderful. I use this for my compact powder and it works great and really gets the powder worked onto my skin and it lasts. It's important to have a good brush so I tend to spend more money on my brushes. I love this one especially the gold logo on it :) The brush was about 45 euros but I use it all the time so I really can't complain about the price.

14. Guerlain Brush for Bronzer

This brush has the same review as my above brush. It's magical and the color is so cute :)

15. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow No. 16 Beach Bronze

This is another more moist eyeshadow and it's about my skin tone so it just adds a little shimmer to my eyes. It was about 30 euros and I use it quite a bit so it was worth the money. I love wearing it and it applies so smoothly as if I didn't have anything on. :)

16. Clinique Mascara

This mascara is great and I love wearing it. It doesn't cake on to your eyelashes so I definitely recommend it! Price was about 8 euros.

17. Gosh Blush No. 42 Melon

I never use this and only bought this because I was desperate for blush when I was on vacation in Egypt. It was super cheap and I don't know how much I paid for it but it did give me a nice color which worked well for my vacation in summer! I don't use it very often and therefore it is quite untouched but I like the color a lot since it's subtle! :)

18. Nars Blush Lovejoy

This is actually a bronzer but it's way to dark and I don't understand how this could be a bronzer so I use it as a blush in summer when my skin tone is darker and I need a darker blush! I love it because it's absolutely great for your skin and also adds a little glitter to your cheeks! 36 euros for this baby.

19. XXI Eye and Lip Brush

This was part of the set I mentioned before with my other big compact brush that I bought at XXI. I don't use these two much but they're so cute and i'm in love with floral print!

20. I love... Vanilla & Ice Cream Lipgloss

I love.... THIS LIPGLOSS. I also adore this line of beauty products. You can buy this at Douglas here in Austria. It's so cute and it tastes so yummy. Boys like it too because it really smells and tastes so good ;) It was super cheap too only about 3 euros... I think. 

I really hope you enjoyed, and I hope you buy some of these products (the ones of you who are beauty obsessed) because they truly are wonderful!!!

Love, A


  1. Danke für das liebe Kommentar, der Blog ist echt schön&sehr interessant!<3
    Liebste Grüße, Milli

  2. Warum bloggt ihr auf drei sprachen??

    1. Und wir haben ein Tab mit dem man alle Texte auf Deutsch übersetzen kann, falls jemand zB kein Französisch kann :)

  3. Weil jede von uns eine andere Muttersprache (und weil wir mehrsprachig sind) hat - Deutsch, English, Französisch - und jede sich in ihrer Muttersprache beim schreiben am besten ausdrücken kann :)