Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey gorgeous girls!

Today I want to share a couple of date ideas for spring as well as summer. If it's a new love or a committed relationship, these should work for anyone :)

1. Picnic in the Park

Positive: I love to just take a blanket to the park and lye there and enjoy the sun or sit in the shade and read a book. If you're with someone special it's nice to have food with you and maybe a frisbee or an activity where you can goof around a bit and have some fun! :)

Negative: You might get mosquito bites so make sure to take some anti-bug spray if you don't want to be bitten. :(

2. Swimming

Positive: It gives you something to do and swimming in summer makes everyone happy. What I truly love is doing a couple of laps and then just tanning outside. Oh and a plus side: getting tanning oil or sunscreen rubbed on you. He'll notice your smooth skin and hot body ;)

Negative: If you're not totally comfortable with your body, forget about it! Be confident. Everyone is different and he'll like you the way you are. What you can do is wear a tankini instead of a bikini and it'll cover some of you up.

3. Ice Cream

Positive: Have you girls seen the notebook? When Allie smacks her ice cream in Noah's face. I've rein acted that and it's so fun! Plus smooching is nice because you'll taste so yummy ;)

Negative: Be careful not too get too sticky! Other than that there is not really a negative aspect I can think of :)

4. Long-Distance Summer Date

Positive: Skype will be the only way to really have a date, but you can make it fun and if you both have a laptop you can take your laptops outside and have lunch together. It's really fun and you can take and eat and enjoy the outdoors! :)

Negative: You can't see your date or kiss him :(

5. Going on a hike

Positive: This is really when you have quality to talk about anything! It's really fun and it's ok to get down and sweaty together sometimes ;)

Negative: Bugs and sweat. Wear lots of deoderant, because you don't want to sweat for your man ;)

Love to all of you supporters out there,

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