Tuesday, April 15, 2014

(My) Necessities

My iPhone is definitely my #1 necessity. It’s just so practical and I consider it to be an accessory to my outfit. It’s extremely useful and I can basically do anything on it so I cannot imagine having another phone after owning an iPhone.

Mascara is a go-to product for me. Even if I’m not wearing makeup, mascara will give me the little boost of confidence I need. It’s quickly applicable so if no makeup then at least a bit of mascara. Who knows who I’ll have to bat my lashes at? ;)

A tint of color on your lips is crucial. It can brighten up your day or outfit by just adding a color. My Chanel lipstick is glossy and more chapstick-y than a normal lipstick and it shimmers so I LOVE it.

Glasses are a necessity for me because if I don’t wear them I get a headache. I would usually put Advil on my list of necessities but since my glasses tend to prevent headaches I scratched it off the list.

A pair of earrings that will glam up any outfit – or in fact any statement jewelry is a necessity. If you are busy the entire day and are wearing something a bit simpler but are going out for drinks with your girls in the evening it is so easy to whip out a pair of statement earings to glam up your outfit. A must-have!

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