Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Easy Steps To A Spring Day or Night Look

I tried out a makeup look today from my Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual and created my own twist and version of it.
Basically the look was to pop some color to your eyes by using a bright eyeshadow. I tried it out with green and blue making the green eyeshadow more of a day look and the blue eyeshadow a night look.
1st I just applied a white base color and then created a cat eye rim around my eye with a blue eyeshadow and blended it in. Then I took a dark blue and made a line on the crease of my eye to create a bit of a smokey-eye affect.
2nd I took some glitter and applied it to the inner part of my eye allowing it to illuminate that area.
3rd I used a thick Kajal marker to create some definition and applied it below my lower lashes.
4th I popped on mascara and my look(s) were finished.
5th (Repeat same with green eyeshadow on other eye)
I used the NYX glamour - Soho Glam Collection.

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